As we think about adults being shaped by the Gospel, we recognize a couple of truths:

We are Story-Oriented People.

The stories we believe determine the way we live. In order to become people shaped by the Gospel—that is, shaped by God’s story at work in the world—we must first know that story, come to love it and begin to see ourselves as characters within it.

Whether we are brand new to this story, or are very familiar, none of us graduate from our need to hear it told again and again, constantly being reminded of the real narrative at work in the world and our significant place within it. 

With this in mind, we endeavor both in our worship gatherings and in our adult discipleship efforts to be mindful of the story; to tell it over and over, in both fresh and familiar ways; to learn together how to live it out.

We also create and encourage opportunities to hear each other’s stories, both on Sundays and as we connect throughout the week, knowing that to hear the story of another is to hear a new piece of the greater narrative that God is unfolding in the world.

We are Creatures of Habit.

More than the information in our heads, it’s our habits—the things we do with our bodies, the ways we spend our time—that really shape us. Together, we are working to discern and adopt the habits of people who know they are loved by God and are characters in His great story. 

The primary way we do this is by looking at the life of Jesus, “the author and the perfecter of our faith.” We engage His teaching and the teaching of scripture in its entirety, and ask Him to help us apply it faithfully and habitually in our current day and context. 

We will be most successful in auditing and shifting our habits if we do so not in isolation, but together.  At Cornerstone, our hope is to create and encourage opportunities to talk about Jesus together, to study the scriptures and to embolden each other to courageously adopt the habits of life in God’s Kingdom.

We will roll out formal opportunities to engage in this kind of formation and training as our first year as a church progresses, but we believe there are rich opportunities for growth and discipleship awaiting us as we simply initiate conversations about Jesus with each other throughout the week.