The Mission Statement: A Reflection by Ed Harris


The following is a reflection on Cornerstone’s mission statement: a community shaped by the gospel for the renewal of all things, written by Dr. Ed Harris. What do we mean when we talk about community? How are we defining the gospel? And what are we looking forward to when we refer to renewal? Ed Harris looks into these questions in two thought-provoking and helpful essays. For more, see the discussion questions below.

Discussion Questions:

  • What does community mean to you?

  • We are made in the image of a triune God, therefore we are made in the image of community. How can we live out that reality?

  • How does unity glorify God? How might disunity work against glorifying God?

  • What similarities and differences do you see in the gospel presented in essay two and the one(s) in your church tradition?

  • What value do you place on evangelism? Do you feel responsible for spreading the Good News?

  • How can we as a community be shaped by the Good News? How does the Good News shape your life now?

  • How can we best express and proclaim the Good News?

  • What graphics, symbols, or narrative portraits might we use in spreading the Good News?

  • What are your thoughts on renewal?

  • How are you being renewed / pursuing renewal?