Apprentice Groups


Apprentice Groups are home-based groups of 6-12 people who meet throughout the week and commit to a semester of studying scripture and a curriculum together. When you want to learn a trade, you become an apprentice. We are joining together to learn the trades of discipleship and community. Apprentice Groups are built to help you put your roots down into meaningful community and grow as an apprentice of Jesus Christ. In the Fall of 2019, Apprentice Groups will be reading and studying the New Testament together. To learn more and get plugged in, keep scrolling!

  • Location & Time: Groups gather in host homes throughout the city on various days of the week. Meetings last 1.5-2 hours weekly or every other week, depending on the needs of the group. Most will meet in the evenings, though accommodations may be made if there is a need for daytime groups. 

  • Childcare: We know that childcare is a challenge for some to participate in groups. Because we believe in the value of Apprentice Groups, we will reimburse (at a predetermined rate) the cost of childcare for you to meet with your group. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view our reimbursement form.