Danae Castle


The large majority of my growing up years took place in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. My dad has been a pastor for as long as I can remember and pastored one church in Arkansas through my school years. I am the third oldest of seven children. Once I graduated high school I attended John Brown University where I studied Family and Human Services and Children and Family Ministries. All through college I worked at summer camp and looked forward to those three months all year long. After graduating I married the boy I had met at camp as a teenager and grew to love throughout college. Doug and I spent time near Chicago, IL where he went to seminary for a year. We headed back to Tulsa where I worked at The Church at BattleCreek in their children's department. While I was deeply fulfilled in my job, Doug was not. He got a phone call from the camp that we had worked at together in college offering him a job. We moved and served in that capacity for nearly five years. The highlight of that time being the relationships built with the staff and college students that came each summer. Another huge milestone of that time was the birth of our two boys, Henry and Jack. We moved back to Tulsa about three years ago for Doug to start a career in the financial services industry. In that time we have added to our family with the birth of our baby girl Adeline. I have worked at Redeemer Covenant church in their Mother's Day Out Program. When I think about some of the greatest joys in my life I see the common thread of children. My time at summer camp helped me to grow in my desire for all children of all ages, from all backgrounds, to know and experience Jesus. My time of serving at BattleCreek helped develop leadership skills and experience in organizing and leading the volunteer's working with the children. In my time at Redeemer I have grown to appreciate the role that the church can play in supporting and caring for families. And most obviously in mothering my three children I see day in and day out the heart of God in my kids and I am confident that having the gift of being a mother to them will be one of my greatest joys in my whole life. I love living in Tulsa, drinking coffee daily, and being around our table with my people.