The Year of the Bible: Family Edition

On this page, you will find resources for you and your family that will help you guide your children through the Year of the Bible. Feel free to look around for translation suggestions, resources, and a modified reading plan made specially for families and children.

What Bible should I use for my kids?

For children zero to five, we suggest using the Rhyme Bible, which is a simple, lyrical version of the Bible that expresses truth in a way that is crafted for young, new readers. It’s also great for bed-time stories!

F0r elementary children, we suggest The Jesus Storybook Bible, an illustrated narrative that walks through the stories of the Bible. This book does a magnificent job of pointing to Jesus on every page as it explains scripture in an easy-to-grasp fashion. This is great for read-aloud time with the family! For older elementary ages, we also suggest the Adventure Bible, which is great for early readers who are eager to explore the story through kid-friendly commentaries and helpful tools.

For Middle School and High School students, we suggest the NIRV and the NIV. These translations read with ease and clarity while presenting the scripture in chapter and verse form. Depending on what your student is interested in, you can get the youth and teen version here at the church, a life application bible, or a study bible!

Need a Bible for your child? We’ve got one for you!

Kids Reading Plan:

If you are taking your kids through the Year of the Bible, we suggest going at a pace that is best for your family. If you are using the Rhyme Bible or the Jesus Storybook Bible, you will likely loop where the congregation is in the reading plan once or twice depending on the book, but you will have great opportunities to really help your child learn the whole biblical narrative.

If you want to teach your child further, here are some helpful resources, crafts, and blogs: