What is Baptism?

Through baptism, we are welcomed into Christ's church, we become a part of God's story, and we are invited to count ourselves dead to sin and alive to Christ. Through baptism, our story changes, and we are given new birth into the family of God. All of this is God's gift and God's work, offered to us without price.

How do we practice baptism in the Cornerstone community?

Profession of Faith | Whether by immersion (dunking), pouring or sprinkling, we baptize in water those persons who have professed faith in Christ for the first time.

Infant/Child Baptism | Following Jesus’ command to “Let the little children come to me," we extend the opportunity for children to belong to the family of God through baptism through the sprinkling of water. This is not a baby dedication. We pray our kids will never know a time when they weren’t followers of Jesus.

Restoration of Faith | Because we believe that baptism is primarily about what God has done and is doing and not about us, we do not re-baptize individuals who have previously been baptized. God has done his work; our invitation is to live into our baptism. That said, there are times when people wander from their faith and want to publicly rededicate their lives to Christ. We do this through a formal Restoration of Faith (also known as “Remembering Your Baptism”).

You can read more about our biblical and theological understanding of baptism here!

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