Cornerstone Kids

At Cornerstone Kids we desire for all kids and families to have a sense of belonging in God’s redemptive story and a place in God’s family.


Mission Statement: Discovering our place in God’s redemptive story.
Value Statement: Cornerstone kids learn God's story, love God's story, and live in God’s story.


It is our passion that children know, experience, and belong to the deep and enduring story of our loving God. To that end, Cornerstone Kids commits to offering all children the following opportunities:

Learning God's Story (instruction):

  • To know well and love deeply God’s redemptive story as it weaves through the entirety of scripture, understanding they are a part of that story.

  • To be rooted and built up in scriptural truth that leads to a set of life skills, practices, and perspectives reflected in healthy, Christ-like living.

Loving God's Story (stirring affections): 

  • To deeply love the triune God and His redemptive story; and experience a sense of belonging in God’s design for a true spiritual family.

Living in God's Story (action/participation):

  • To develop and strengthen their faith through real-life experiences in the safety of a loving and forgiving spiritual family.


Recognizing that success in these goals is a shared commitment, Cornerstone Church will:

  • Empower families to cultivate a deep love for Jesus and His story in their children.

  • Equip parents to build their homes around making disciples who are wise and courageous in their pursuit of Jesus.

  • Support families through life transitions and significant events in a way that reflects God’s design for Christian community.

Sunday Mornings

Cornerstone Littles: Where our littlest ones are cared for and loved in a safe and secure environment. Starting at six weeks of age, babies to preschoolers will have age appropriate programming pointing them to Jesus.

Cornerstone Elementary: We desire for our children to know the role they play in the local church, so all elementary children will start with their parents in the worship service for the worship and prayer time. At that point, all kids kindergarten thru third grade will be dismissed back to the children’s area. We are working though a three-year chronological curriculum of the entire Bible and every week our kids will be making Christ connections with every story told. They will have a big group time of hearing the story for the day and a small group time where they can connect with their peers and small group leaders to reinforce the key passages in fun and creative ways. 

If you have any questions about what to expect on a Sunday morning or how to be involved, please contact Danae Castle at